Hi there,

I’m Michał, and I love to walk, document regenerative projects, and write heartfelt letters. This is where I juggle my mind through Moonly Reviews 🌕🌑.

Here’s the thing about juggling—you can’t do it with too many balls at once. Same with ideas.

And my mind constantly throws new ideas in the air, while my clumsy content-creator self runs around like a headless chicken attempting to catch them all. The Full Catastrophe.

But what if I juggle my mind in public?

Truth is—deep down I am a performer, and your presence makes a huge difference to my act. In this case—thinking. Thanks for that.

(He takes a deep flamboyant bow and smiles.)

So, shall we juggle?

Love and Light ☀️ michalkorzonek.com


Michal Korzonek
Shapeshifting Raccoon living in a Forest on a tiny Island 🌳. Mission: Creating Spaces and Experiences where Magic happens ✨.